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Since the end of the Cold War, conflicts between countries have remained topical and continue to increase the risk of a new world war. Contrary to popular belief, the threat is not limited to the use of nuclear weapons but to a set of risks that we take into consideration when building a fallout shelter.

Fallout Shelter - Nuclear


Nuclear bomb
Atomic Blast
Radioactive leaks
Shock wave

Fallout Shelter - Biological


military attack

Fallout Shelter - Chemical


Atmospheric pollution
Water and soil pollution
industrial disaster
chemical weapons

Fallout Shelter - Climatic



Fallout Shelter - Electromagnetism


electromagnetic weapon
solar storm

Fallout Shelter - Social


Civil Wars

Who are we ?

The manufacture of a fallout shelter follows military standards that we strictly adhere to!

Know how

Kit fallout shelter

We build fallout shelters

  • The construction of a shelter is a major project that requires special know-how. We bring you flexible and personalized expertise.

An optimized and comfortable fallout shelter

  • A fallout shelter offers protection to its occupants against different types of risks.

Uncompromising technical expertise

  • Because each project is unique, we provide our services in stages according to your needs.

Modular solutions according to your needs

  • We build fallout shelters in kits from 11m2 to 30m2 or tailor-made solutions from 30m2 to 1,000m2.
fallout shelter

NBC filtration system

Temperature controller

WC - Decontamination area

Armored closure

Vent pipe with elbow

sleeping area

Closed circuit water point

What is a fallout shelter?

A solution reserved for an elite?

The bunker is a fallout shelter built underground and designed to withstand nuclear attacks, contamination and radioactivity.

The fallout shelter is a living space and strategically designed while being optimized for comfort. Today, a bunker is no longer a luxury reserved for an elite, but a real opportunity to protect themselves against future events.

An event like the Chernobyl cloud or the Nagasaki attack no longer represents a threat if you own your private bunker!

Where should you install your fallout shelter?

It is possible to build a bunker in all types of configuration. Indeed, our solutions are adaptable to virgin land or below an existing home. The concern for the location will also be one of the first points studied by our technicians.

Despite the choice of location, inside it is possible to enjoy optimal comfort, to store foodstuffs, weapons, security accessories or even means of communication. Thanks to the bunker, you ensure the protection of your most precious possessions, your health and that of your loved ones.

Bespoke fallout shelter

Atomic shelter

Second safety lock

WC - Decontamination area

Armored closure

Vent pipe

Second vent tube

Basement storage area

Individual design of your fallout shelter

  • Adapting an existing space or building a bunker is a complex task that requires taking into account the statics of the building. Our engineers study without obligation your possibilities of fitting out an anti-atomic shelter.

Ease of access but discreetly

  • To be effective, your shelter must be accessible at all times but remain discreet. The creation of an effective occupancy plan is also part of our concerns.

Suitable materials and equipment

  • Each construction is unique due to the nature of the land and the existing buildings. A fallout shelter must be built for the long term! This is why we carefully study the materials to be used and the most suitable construction method.

fallout shelter




Kinds of coverage


% confidentiality


Nuclear disasters

Design a fallout shelter

A team of experts who analyze, design, set up and carry out your project. Our design office is located in Switzerland where all our bunkers are designed. Every private fallout shelter build follows strict military standards.

A private and comfortable fallout shelter

A secure space built according to your needs. We take the time to build each bunker in a modern and robust way.

Top-of-the-range equipment

Our filter systems ensure air quality that can easily respond to radioactive, chemical and biological contaminants. Our devices are military and medical approved. Filtration also protects you from biological or chemical radioactive toxicities.

A very high level of protection

Our shelters are designed with thicknesses calculated ingeniously to resist atmospheric overpressure due to any form of explosion. The accesses to the bunker are elaborate and also certified resistant to nuclear explosions.

Atomic shelter

Swiss know-how

Atomic shelter

Approved construction

Atomic shelter

Military standards

Atomic shelter

Activity throughout Europe

Optimal protection with an NBC filtration system

We individually assemble each element of your fallout shelter

➔ Invest in a fallout shelter

Protecting yourself and your family in the current conditions requires careful thought. For many, this represents an investment for the future. Indeed, to be able to protect oneself from future attacks or threats, the solution of building one's own fallout shelter is making headlines.

➔ Ensure your safety and that of your family

Nuclear bombs, epidemic, third world war, what threats can we prevent ourselves from without protection? In the event of an attack, the underground bunker is designed to protect you and more, to survive thanks to its multiple functions. High-end ventilation system, decontamination airlock, NBC civil protection filter and possibility of adding general partners, a fridge and plenty of storage.

➔ Anticipate events

Disasters of natural, climatic, accidental or social origins are also reasons that engage such a construction project. Far from being fictitious, they are a permanent threat due to global warming which brings many unexpected events.

Our turnkey solutions for your fallout shelter!

in complete kit

A turnkey solution
OF THE  50'000.-
  • From 11m2 to 30m2
  • Full equipment
  • CBRN-E protection level
  • Installation of the bunker included


A tailor-made layout
OF THE  80'000.-
  • Surface according to the configuration of the premises
  • Complete setup
  • CBRN-E protection level
  • All work included

News about fallout shelters

A parallel point of view on current affairs and implications related to civil protection. Our experts analyze and popularize what is happening in the world. Thus, with the right information, you are able to better measure the risks in order to make the right decisions.

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Lica is our integrated partner for the financing of your fallout shelter at the best market conditions.
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If you want to be independent with your food, Blumeo is the solution for you!
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All the necessary equipment for your bunker. Survival equipment, military and food rations.
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Lunor supplies NBRC-E filtration systems for our fallout shelters. A Swiss company active since 1947. 
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Social risks

The terrorist threat has been present for many years and requires all populations to be vigilant. We live in a world of war between religions, ideas and patriotism. Indeed, there is enough to anger some people to the point of causing damage without worrying about the presence of innocent people. Therefore, a shelter is a way to escape discreetly to a safe haven.

Moreover, social uprisings are more and more numerous in the world. Social revolt made itself felt and it was not uncommon for the term “civil war” to be used during television news. Consequently, the risks of using a fallout shelter in the event of a social uprising will be a major risk in the years to come and must be taken into consideration.

So if the world degenerates, you have enough to survive the shock!

Electromagnetic risk

fallout shelter

We hear more and more the term electromagnetic bomb. An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) bomb is nothing but a nuclear attack. It is a type of nuclear bomb that is detonated much higher in the atmosphere with the aim of destroying a country's electronic networks.

In the event of a prolonged general outage of the electrical systems, the situation could quickly become explosive within the population.

More generally, electrosensitivity has been an emerging disease for several years. Indeed, the majority of the population is exposed to electromagnetic waves almost permanently.

To counter this, it is also possible to take refuge in its fallout shelter. Thus, get out of the magnetic field and wait until the electrical networks can be restored.

Climate risks

risks of using a fallout shelter

In terms of ecology, we face a degradation of the ecosystem soaring. Indeed, the risks incurred are serious for the survival of the human species, but many still seem to ignore the problem.

First of all, global warming is felt at high speed, when in certain regions where it is usually cold in December, temperatures have reached 22°. Then, the disappearance of certain species of all kinds gives way to a fall in biodiversity, which is critical. By 2050, nearly 40 % of this biodiversity should disappear. 

Storms, floods, tornadoes and earthquakes are becoming more frequent. To protect against the deadliest weather, installing a shelter ensures the safety of your entire family in the event of immediate danger.

Chemical risks

risks of using a fallout shelter

In the event of a chemical disaster, our NBC civil protection shelters present themselves as a massive weapon of protection for all occupants. Explosion of chemical agents or fires, a chemical accident can occur at any time.

Indeed, the many companies are high-risk industrial sites. These so-called “polluting” companies participate in the production of chemicals and significant hazardous waste.

If an accident occurs, the entire perimeter takes the risk of inhaling chemicals present in the air. These permanent exposures give rise to the risk of serious illnesses which can cause various incurable abnormalities, especially in children. Our NBC shelter systems are designed and built to protect you for the long term. 


risks of using a fallout shelter

The diseases that appear in humans come mainly from biological agents. Present in the environment, it is therefore difficult to avoid these risks, if the atmospheric air that we breathe is polluted.

To prevent various serious illnesses or military chemical agents, provide yourself with a shelter capable of protecting you against the risks of contamination.

Indeed, NBC filtration systems offer you complete protection against biological agents present in the air. Different levels of filtration can be modulated according to the geographical location of the confidential location of your fallout shelter. 

Nuclear risk

atomic bomb

Can we foresee a near end of the world? Or a nuclear war? Of course not, however, current global conditions are not there to reassure us.

What is in our power is to offer you a bunker that can protect you against the risk of nuclear explosions. Can we survive a nuclear explosion? Clearly, if you don't have NBC protection, you have very little chance of survival. The electricity network would be cut off and the Internet would also no longer work. A nuclear attack would therefore have very significant repercussions.

The situation in Ukraine necessarily speaks to us. Indeed, the cities of Chernobyl and Zaporijia are taken by storm by Russia. The current news is enough to make all the countries of Europe tremble in the face of nuclear risks.


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