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kit bunker

Area of 11 m2

Bunker kit

Area of 24m2

Are you looking for optimal protection at an affordable price?

The kit bunker is the ideal and ultra-effective solution to prevent future dangers. It allows you to protect yourself and your loved ones from atomic explosions, contamination, the proliferation of radioactive and thermal substances linked to nuclear risk, and more.

The growing risks of our century are pushing more and more people to get a bunker kit. With our turnkey solutions accompanied by our expertise, you benefit from total protection. 

What do you need to know before installing your kit bunker?

A kit bunker is usually built completely invisible. In addition, its location must allow it to resist any attack. It is for this reason that we install it mainly below ground level a few meters from your home.

Before having your bunker built, it is important to assess the nature of the ground in the planned location. For this, our experts study the surface of the ground for you before validating the installation of the bunker.

When installing a kit bunker, all the details are important. For example, your construction area may be prone to fire or flooding. Or that the nature of the soil is simply not conducive to installation. The study that we carry out before validating the location of your fallout shelter is therefore crucial to achieving a high level of protection over time.

Our kit bunkers are equipped with an CBRN civil protection filter as well as the various usual elements of an anti-atomic shelter. These facilities include: a shower, dry toilets, and the kitchen. Other installations are also possible on request.

Each bunker consists of an armored door capable of protecting you in the event of a ballistic or combustible attack. Underground and separated by a tunnel that joins the surface, our underground shelters are one of the safest refuges.

A kit bunker also consists of an entrance airlock (decontamination room) which breaks the link between the interior and the exterior. It avoids any kind of contamination when entering the shelter.

The openings are the most vulnerable parts of the bunker. They are, however, essential. The door is robust to the point of being able to withstand different explosive charges. In each bunker that has an entrance door, a well-concealed emergency exit is also present. This is not visible from the outside, and barely even from the inside. If an attack occurs on the main entrance, you must be able to escape through the emergency door.

Air is an essential element to which you must have access if you must be confined for several days or several weeks in your fallout bunker.

To provide continuous fresh air decontaminated from all radioactive or biochemical sources, an efficient filtration system is installed. It is a reliable device even without electricity and capable of supplying fresh air to all occupants of the bunker.

A bunker can be located 1 or 2 meters underground. The envelope must contain a space of 30 to 40 cm to be able to support the radiation.

However, to provide more protection, it is possible to install its anti-atomic bunker up to 3 meters below ground level. With this type of depth, the envelope must be at least 1 m of concrete.

The entire bunker is then protected against corrosion and a drainage device is also put in place during installation.

To build a fallout shelter, it is important to follow the various regulations. However, these vary from one municipality to another and from the project envisaged.

Our architecture firm designs a tailor-made space dedicated to offering you comfort and protection in accordance with military standards. From the survey to the work, we take care of the entire project.

We will advise you to store all the basic necessities allowing you to survive in the event of a crisis. And of course, to store whatever valuable you can.


Surviving without eating or drinking will be impossible in all circumstances. It is therefore very important to ensure its survival by keeping non-perishable foodstuffs.

Condiments such as salt are essential, because salt can also be used for the preservation quality of food. Non-perishable and very easy to store, salt is also used for other artisanal products such as bleach.

hygiene products

Toilet paper, towels, soap. The bunker can be a confined space in your home.

Survival gear

Miscellaneous tools are easily storable in an atomic bunker, space permitting. Hammer, screw, nail, saws, and any other material useful for DIY. Protective gloves, strong knives and various containers of all kinds.

A basic survival kit capable of meeting urgent care needs.

In addition, in the event of a power outage, provide a sufficient reserve of electric batteries.

What to take care of

To make your bunker a privileged refuge, remember not to neglect the useful aspects. So there needs to be a place to store books, games and a battery-operated radio to stay informed.


Adequate defensive armament is important for your survival. Whether it's leaving the scene or protecting yourself from attack, you can't predict how events will unfold outside the bunker.

Our kit bunker is designed to be connected to the electrical network of the adjoining house. However, under certain circumstances, this electrical network may be cut off. To deal with this situation, we offer optional alternative solutions to the traditional electrical connection. It can be a generator, a photovoltaic system or wind turbines. It all depends on your power consumption needs.

A kit bunker offering maximum protection







A solution that meets your expectations and your budget!

Our fallout shelters are built in a durable and solid way. Based on military standards, they are designed to protect you against all kinds of attacks or apocalyptic situations. In the event of armed conflict, during a civil war, or against the effects of weapons of mass destruction, our kit bunkers offer ultimate protection.

A solution that meets your expectations and your budget!

Our fallout shelters are built in a durable and solid way. Based on military standards, they are designed to protect you against all kinds of attacks or apocalyptic situations. In the event of armed conflict, during a civil war, or against the effects of weapons of mass destruction, our kit bunkers offer ultimate protection. In addition to an affordable price, we offer you a financing solution complete for your project.

OF THE  869.- Monthly
  • From 11m2 to 24m2
  • Full equipment
  • CBRN-E standards in Switzerland
  • Installation of the bunker included

From CHF 78,000.-
fallout shelter

Swiss know-how

Switzerland is the country with the most civilian shelters in the world. We are fully aware of the challenges linked to the construction of a quality bunker.

fallout shelter

Approved construction

Our bunkers are approved according to the directives related to their locations. Our design office takes care of all the processes related to the approval of the shelter.

fallout shelter

To military standards

Our various mandates combined with our know-how allow us to apply strict military standards. These validate certain resistance thresholds.

fallout shelter

Activity throughout Europe

Our fitters and technicians travel throughout Europe. Depending on the requests, we adapt to the laws of the country concerned.

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Bunker construction stage
Bunker construction stage
Bunker construction stage
Bunker construction stage

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Social risks

The terrorist threat has been present for many years and requires all populations to be vigilant. We live in a world of war between religions, ideas and patriotism. Indeed, there is enough to anger some people to the point of causing damage without worrying about the presence of innocent people. Therefore, a shelter is a way to escape discreetly to a safe haven.

Moreover, social uprisings are more and more numerous in the world. Social revolt made itself felt and it was not uncommon for the term “civil war” to be used during television news. Consequently, the risks of using a fallout shelter in the event of a social uprising will be a major risk in the years to come and must be taken into consideration.

So if the world degenerates, you have enough to survive the shock!

Electromagnetic risk

fallout shelter

We hear more and more the term electromagnetic bomb. An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) bomb is nothing but a nuclear attack. It is a type of nuclear bomb that is detonated much higher in the atmosphere with the aim of destroying a country's electronic networks.

In the event of a prolonged general outage of the electrical systems, the situation could quickly become explosive within the population.

More generally, electrosensitivity has been an emerging disease for several years. Indeed, the majority of the population is exposed to electromagnetic waves almost permanently.

To counter this, it is also possible to take refuge in its fallout shelter. Thus, get out of the magnetic field and wait until the electrical networks can be restored.

Climate risks

risks of using a fallout shelter

In terms of ecology, we face a degradation of the ecosystem soaring. Indeed, the risks incurred are serious for the survival of the human species, but many still seem to ignore the problem.

First of all, global warming is felt at high speed, when in certain regions where it is usually cold in December, temperatures have reached 22°. Then, the disappearance of certain species of all kinds gives way to a fall in biodiversity, which is critical. By 2050, nearly 40 % of this biodiversity should disappear. 

Storms, floods, tornadoes and earthquakes are becoming more frequent. To protect against the deadliest weather, installing a shelter ensures the safety of your entire family in the event of immediate danger.

Chemical risks

risks of using a fallout shelter

In the event of a chemical disaster, our NBC civil protection shelters present themselves as a massive weapon of protection for all occupants. Explosion of chemical agents or fires, a chemical accident can occur at any time.

Indeed, the many companies are high-risk industrial sites. These so-called “polluting” companies participate in the production of chemicals and significant hazardous waste.

If an accident occurs, the entire perimeter takes the risk of inhaling chemicals present in the air. These permanent exposures give rise to the risk of serious illnesses which can cause various incurable abnormalities, especially in children. Our NBC shelter systems are designed and built to protect you for the long term. 


risks of using a fallout shelter

The diseases that appear in humans come mainly from biological agents. Present in the environment, it is therefore difficult to avoid these risks, if the atmospheric air that we breathe is polluted.

To prevent various serious illnesses or military chemical agents, provide yourself with a shelter capable of protecting you against the risks of contamination.

Indeed, NBC filtration systems offer you complete protection against biological agents present in the air. Different levels of filtration can be modulated according to the geographical location of the confidential location of your fallout shelter. 

Nuclear risk

atomic bomb

Can we foresee a near end of the world? Or a nuclear war? Of course not, however, current global conditions are not there to reassure us.

What is in our power is to offer you a bunker that can protect you against the risk of nuclear explosions. Can we survive a nuclear explosion? Clearly, if you don't have NBC protection, you have very little chance of survival. The electricity network would be cut off and the Internet would also no longer work. A nuclear attack would therefore have very significant repercussions.

The situation in Ukraine necessarily speaks to us. Indeed, the cities of Chernobyl and Zaporijia are taken by storm by Russia. The current news is enough to make all the countries of Europe tremble in the face of nuclear risks.


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